NYE BASH at The Viking

NYE BASH at The Viking



BAR TALK: Four piece rock n' roll band drawing influence from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Dead Weather, and Whiskey plays a high energy set.
Members: Jason Overdorff (Guitar), Kaylee Goins (Vocals), Matthew Woodsworth (Drums), and Taylor Roff (Cynicism, er, Bass).


INDIAN GOAT: A two-piece rock and roll, fuzzy, riffy, slide rock, band from Spokane, WA. Garrett Zanol on Guitar/vocals and Travis Tveit on drums/vocals. Loud, energetic, and wild, Indian Goat captures folk from all types of musical backgrounds with the upbeat, fuzzed out riffs produced. This band was created for the sole purpose to rock and roll.

DONNA DONNA: An energetic rock and roll two-piece from Spokane, WA. Fronted by guitarist and vocalist, Lindsay Johnston (former lead guitarist for Violet Catastrophe), the duo mixes blues, classic rock, punk, and garage rock to create a show that pays homage to the last century of rock and roll evolution. The vocal melodies soar from whispers to all-out screams, complementing syncopated guitar riffs. Drummer, Cherri Woith, lends a rhythmic intensity and flare that keep the pace, leading the numerous changes in dynamics and tempo.

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